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As I promised in my last post, I’m beginning to give you a series of questions which will help guide you into a more fulfilling life.  Most of the questions will not be about the Bible or Christianity, but the first ones are.  I’ll try to post one question a week.  Here are this week’s thought provokers.

  • What Scripture verses did I read/listen to today?
  • What do I want to remember from the verses?

One of the first truths of Christianity is that the Bible is God’s message to His people, His instruction manual to life.  It teaches us how to live the way God wants us to live, the way that will bring us maximum satisfaction and happiness in life.  It is by reading the Bible that we hear what God is communicating to us. Reading it, studying it and learning from it are important keys to spiritual (and emotional and physical) health and happiness.

As important as it is to read the Bible it is even more important to remember what we learn from it. These questions give you the opportunity to record what portion of the Bible you read and then to remember and solidify what you learned.  There is no better way to reinforce what you have learned than to explain it.  Writing down what you have learned is one way to explain it and make it stick in your brain.  Writing the truths you have learned also gives you a record so that in the future, you can go back and review them.

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