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Although it has been three decades since I nursed my first newborn infant, I’ll never forget what an awesome experience it was.  That squalling little baby came into this world already equipped with an inborn knowledge of what he needed to do in order to survive and grow.  When he was hungry he knew just how to get my attention so I’d put him into the position from which he could nourish himself.  When I held him to my chest, he knew how to turn his head and to search for the necessary food.

Amazingly my newborn son needed only one source of nutrition during his early months.  The milk he slurped from the mommy bar contained all the nutrients he needed to develop and grow.

Just like newborns, older humans also have an innate knowledge of what we need to grow and thrive, not just for now but for forever.  We have a deep sense that there is only one source that will satisfy our needs and our longings.  An ancient book of wisdom calls this being born with eternity in our hearts.  But just like the newborn we need help to get to the source of nourishment.  We need someone who will bridge the gap between where we are and where we long to be in order to get what we need.  That is where Jesus Christ comes in.  When we believe in Him we are letting Him pick us up and place us near God’s heart, the one place where we can latch on and receive all the nourishment we need to grow and thrive..

Unlike a newborn, we never outgrow our need for nourishment from God.  It’s one diet that lasts for a lifetime and beyond.

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