Since my last post I took a little time out to nurture myself in a couple of different ways. 

 The first was by spending time with people I love.  The fact that those people were my grandchildren made it a double dose of nurture.  While caring for them over three days time I got to blow bubbles, run races, make-believe (chasing dragons, blowing away monsters and other things necessary to keep up with an almost three-year old’s repertoire of pretend critters).  In other words, I acted like a child.  Very fun!  And I got the satisfying (and nourishing feeling of helping someone out by babysitting so my son and daughter-in-law could get away and do essential things.)

 Following that adventure I took a little time to nurture my husband and myself by spending time in our favorite mountain getaway.  Going to the mountains never ceases to refresh me.  The more trees the better.  While in the mountains we got caught in a surprise snow storm so we got to experience a nice dose of novelty (for us).

 So I’m wondering, do you have a favorite recharging station, a place you retreat to restore your energy when your batteries are low?  Tell us about it, please.