A couple of years ago I visited a home with a lavender-rimmed pathway to the backyard.  You couldn’t walk the path without brushing against its fragrant flowers releasing a cloud of sweetness into the air.  I decided that day that I too wanted a lavender path.  So I planted a small plant next to my back gate.

Occasionally when I am out in the yard weeding I will sniff the lavender, but usually I just forget it is there.

Today I picked a sprig of lavender and brought it in to the house.  I  set it next to my computer, a place I spent a lot of time during the day.  Every few minutes I pick up the sprig, hold it to my nose and inhale.  Ahhhh!

Why do I plan nice things for myself and then not follow through with them?  That lavender plant has been in my yard for almost two years.  Why did I wait until today to bring some into the house?

Maybe self nourishing takes both a deliberate intention and a commitment to keep that goal in mind.  Maybe I need to put “sniff lavender” into my PDA.

Whatever it takes, doing simple things that bring joy to you is worth it.

Are there any simple pleasures in your life that you have overlooked or needlessly deferred?