This morning I decided to treat myself to a freshly made bowl of home cooked oatmeal.  No, not instant, I mean the kind that comes in a metal can, takes almost 45 minutes to make and which has a satisfyingly chewy texture.  Topped off with a tablespoon of chopped walnuts, two tablespoons of raisins and ¼ teaspoon of Saigon cinnamon, it makes a slightly sweet, filling meal that is only around 265 calories, keeps me full until lunch and packs me full of nutrition.  A nice steaming bowl of self-nurture! 

While the oatmeal was cooking I spied the jar of jelly beans I had bought as a gift for someone else.  I had foolishly left them out in plain sight.  Before I knew it, I had opened the jar and popped a handful of jelly beans into my mouth.  The taste was magnificent, very self indulgent.  I just had to pamper myself with another handful. 

As I was munching on the beans I remembered that today was the day I weigh in at my weight-loss club.  I had joined the club to improve my health and to increase my physical energy so I could stay actively involved in life.  Those beans, tasty as they were, weren’t going to help me reach my goals. 

How I need to remember that what I want in the moment is not always what I want in the long run! 

Mmm, mmm good versus mmm, mmm, good for me