Because I am a reader my first instinct in learning how to do something is to turn to books. That’s why I searched Amazon for books about how to nurture oneself.

Three titles that I found and purchased (used, of course—goodness you don’t think I’d pay full price for a book on how to take care of myself, do you?) were Simple Indulgence by Janet Eastman, 50 simple ways to pamper yourself by Stephanie Tourles and 2001 Ways to Pamper Yourself by Lorraine Bodger. I’m sure there are other titles out there but these are my starting point.

I’ve decided to use these books as my springboard. I’m going to pick items from them and try them out. Then I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe you’ll want to try things out also. Or maybe you’ll come up with better ideas. If so, I hope you’ll share them.

I love to research, so I’ll post goodies that I find from other sources also. After all, isn’t practicing the things you love to do a way to take care of yourself? Doesn’t following your passions nourish your soul? Okay, if it doesn’t, I don’t want to hear about it.